Increasing positive impact,

Reducing negative effects

Every day, DPG Media reports on what’s going on in society and how it’s changing. Some brands have been doing this for hundreds of years. The way in which we create our media also impacts society and the environment.

Paul Vereijken


The six pillars of ESG policy (Environmental, Social and Governance) guide DPG media in increasing positive impact and reducing negative effects. This can only be achieved by working together, just like we do when we create our media.

Many people within DPG Media are passionate about implementing the aforementioned pillars. The next few pages outline the results of the efforts of dozens of our colleagues. This year, we’ll continue to build upon the firm foundation created in 2023. Working on societal impact is a permanent process. Reducing our ecological footprint will receive more attention than ever in 2024. The environmental impact of making media will be given more weight in the decisions to be made. It’s very fitting, therefore, that we’ll be moving into Mediavaert this year. It’s an office building that’s both green in terms of experience and because of its minimal impact on the surroundings. Let this set the tone for the rest of the year.

Pillar 1

Reducing our environmental footprint

Our contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and handling the world around us responsibly.

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Pillar 2

Strong and independent journalism

Investing in the continuous development of the profession and ensuring that our editing teams can spread news independently and free of constraints.

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Pillar 3

Diverse and inclusive work environment

Keep investing in a safe environment where unique talent is acknowledged, recognised and involved.

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Pillar 4

Development and growth of employees

Investing in (digital)knowledge and skills of our media creators, as they are our capital.

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Pillar 5

Responsible use of data

Collecting, storing and using personal and behavioural data transparently, carefully and fairly.

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Pillar 6

Societal contribution

Giving young people a leg up by using the power of our media.

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