Honest and genuine brands

Joyce Nieuwenhuijs

(53), director of Magazines

In a world turned upside down, we at Magazines more than delivered on our promises in 2022. Our magazines in the Netherlands reached 1,249,396 people a day, and we’re set to keep innovating in the year ahead. Our digital sales increased by 44 percent in 2022, and we welcomed our first digital subscribers. We published beautiful stories and joined forces with colleagues within Magazines and beyond. 

Our relevance is about more than just reach or revenue. I’m also incredibly proud of the impact our editorial teams make. With our strong, trusted brands, we connect people with each other and society. 

Consumers are becoming more and more discerning, and rightly so. In a world where you can’t always tell if a text was written by a chatbot or a flesh-and-blood media creator, our role is more important than ever. Libelle, Margriet and Donald Duck are household names. Our brands are honest and genuine. And we keep them that way because we have the best people on board. 

Our teams are passionate about curbing violence against women, increasing literacy, fighting loneliness and promoting diversity. We help people talk about difficult topics and provide our readers with information, inspiration and entertainment. In these turbulent times, we’re more relevant than ever, making the lives of our readers and users a little brighter. 


Total circulation: 646,841

Special interest

Total circulation: 197,159


Total circulation: 431,706

General interest

Total circulation: 87,626