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Two media companies that are combining forces and doing battle together in the Dutch car market: the success story of Automotive MediaVentions.

Sander van den Hout (49)


Changing from competing publishers to partners in the car sector in 2019 turned out to be a golden opportunity. Since DPG Media’s AutoTrack formed a joint venture with Mediahuis’s Gaspedaal, they have overtaken the previous market leader and competitor AutoScout24 in terms of reach. The publishers now want the individual websites to become the largest as well.

The result of the joint venture exceeds expectations. “We’ve even exceeded the figures we put down on paper beforehand. Here one plus one really equals three,” says Sander van den Hout, Director of Automotive MediaVentions.

We’ve even exceeded the figures we put down on paper beforehand

In the lead

The reach of the websites has nearly doubled since 2019. The websites now attract more than five million users per month. “Now we want to grow each brand and take the lead. These kinds of websites actually need to have at least a top-two reach, otherwise you don’t count for much.”

The ambition is clear. “Anyone looking for another car has to do it through us,” says Van den Hout. “We want to be the place where consumers get the best service. There are several types of users, so you need individual brands. In that way, we can offer everyone the solution that meets their needs.”


Gaspedaal collects and displays all cars for sale in the Netherlands. This is the place to be for car lovers who know everything about various models, technical data, options and accessories. AutoTrack is aimed at indecisive consumers who can’t see the wood for the trees. They want to get some guidance. If that doesn’t happen, they quickly abandon the search for a vehicle.

Now there is an additional service for them. When someone finds a car online using AutoTrack, an independent expert ensures that everything - from vehicle check to purchase – is taken care of; the car is delivered to the door with a guarantee. A two-week trial period then starts, during which the buyer can still change their mind. “The important thing is that a buyer has a good feeling about a car.”

online battle

And there’s more in the pipeline. “Consumers needs are changing. Technological developments are taking place, such as self-driving cars and cars you can share. We see plenty of room there for further growth.”

This wouldn’t have been possible without the joint venture, says Van den Hout. “A number of years ago, DPG Media and Mediahuis lost the online car advertising market to international companies. It’s unique in the Netherlands for media companies to join forces in this way and do battle together against other competitors.”