Dear reader,

Welcome to our white paper about marketing and media effectiveness!

As a media professional, you probably spend a lot of time and resources setting up initiatives that deal with effectiveness. Naturally, you want to know whether your campaigns truly have an effect and how effectiveness measurements work. With this white paper, we hope to answer your most important questions. Discover what marketing effectiveness means and what the most important tools and measurement systems are to evaluate effectiveness. 

This document will inspire you to launch future marketing campaigns successfully and connect your brand to the heartbeat of Belgium!

This white paper was created in collaboration with UBA, the Belgian association of and for brands. UBA's network is the perfect platform for brand builders in Belgium, keeping you connected with the latest evolutions in the Belgian advertising sector.

Do you have any questions after reading? Don’t hesitate to contact Tim Van Doorslaer, Head of Research at DPG Media Advertising, for more details or custom advice.

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